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Gurrufio y Camerata Criolla

“We have rehearsal”. As an imperative echo, that sentence snatched him of the serene relief that wrapped him exactly at the time in which he was about to spin in the water; in the precise instant in which, like a dream-like presence, he spotted a pair of legs that came closer to the edge of the pool, holding out the hand towards him while grabbing him by the hair...  It was the afternoon of a day like any other in 1975 at the School “Santiago de León de Caracas”.  The music was calling again and everything else began to lose importance... 


And so it was, in this way, riding a bicycle, trying to maintain the balance on a skateboard, riding waves on a surfboard or on a sailing ship... swimming; the music, always the music, that family and public enjoyment that led him in 1976, together with his childhood friends to form the Aldana Quintet where he played the flute.

Seduced by the multiple possibilities of that instrument, Luis Julio Toro carries out his first flute studies with professor Glen Egner.  In 1979, he enters the Venezuelan Juvenile Simón Bolívar Orchestra and he travels to New York, Spain and Costa Rica.  


London receives him in 1980, when he enters the Royal College of Music to study with the Maestro Christopher Hyde Smith, obtaining there the Performer's Diploma and the Royal College of Music Associate Certificate (ARCM).  In 1981 he receives The Best Flutist of the Year award.  One year later, he receives the Oliver Dawson award and, in 1984, the First Eve Kish Award.  That same year he is selected by the British Flute Society to participate in master classes with James Galway.  Simultaneously, he becomes interested in the Hindu classic flute, which he studies at the Bhavan Institute of Indian Arts of the British capital.


It is at this same time, emblematic in his career, when he decides to return to Caracas, his hometown, beginning an active career both in Venezuela and abroad, going out on tours through Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan.


As a soloist, he participates in the London City University Electro-acoustic Music Festival; in the Almeida Festival and in the Sixth Cruise of Virtuous Young People, sponsored by the Beracasa Foundation.  Accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra of Istanbul, that trip took him to Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, and Greece.  He has also performed at the International Festival of Radio France (Montpellier), accompanied by the Chamber  Chamber Orchestra of Norway (1985, 1986); the Cervantino Festival; the XI Forum of New Music, and the Great Festival of Mexico City; the Ibero-American Music Festival (Barcelona, Spain); the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival (USA); the Symphonic Orchestra of Antioquia; the Venezuela Symphonic Orchestra; the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Caracas, and the Sinfonietta of Caracas.


He has been invited as lecturer and instructor to the II and III International Festival of Flutists (Lima, Peru); the City University of London and the Latin American Music Center (Indiana University, USA).  He also acted as a teacher at the Simón Bolívar Music Conservatory and he has carried out several research works, the last one of those, “Miranda, his flute and the music”, was published at the beginning of the year 2000 in a CD-book presentation, together with the historian and diplomat Edgardo Mondolfi, obtaining the “Colombeia” Order awarded by the Government of the State of Miranda, and the “Andrés Bello” Order  in its first class by the Venezuelan State Government.

Luis Julio Toro has an extensive discography as soloist with orchestra, in different formats, together with the Gurrufío Ensemble and alone, which make him, in accordance with the reviews and the public, in one of the most interesting flutists of Latin America.


Experienced in the classic field and a lover of Venezuelan music, he is an essential piece of the Camerata Criolla, a recently created orchestra, impelled by the Gurrufío Ensemble to execute a diverse repertoire characterized by symphonic arrangements that explode and explore the universal elements of our musical heritage, originating a new aesthetic reference, by assuming the challenge of integrating all the academic, popular and massive harmoniously. 


Since 1999 Luis Julio is a Yamaha endorsement artist and he plays a YFl 894 hand-made  silver flute.


He was a profesor of the Master degree at the Simón Bolívar  University, and was  invited as profesor of the “Instrumenta” proyect at the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla , México.


“We have rehearsal”.  Eternally present, that sentence of vital resonance continues to inspir him in a path full of experimentation and searches that, as a soloist as part of collective projects, he travels investigating in the revealing sounds of his flute.